Seven Reasons To Participate

1. HEALICO brings you business

- Connect to buyers and customers around the world
- Platform to introduce your products and services
- Meet with thousands of other exhibitors
- Promote and strengthen your company image
- Identity your company as an industry leader

2. HEALICO provides you access to key executives

- We invite the most powerful and influential executives of the trade to participate
- Our innovative and daring networking programs enable you to talk to key executives face-to-face
- No other events give you such a great opportunity to make informed decisions that support both your business objectives and your technology strategies

3. HEALICO is your gateway to new business

Come and meet more than 1,500 companies from Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, US, Germany and other parts of the world.
Floor presentation and a wide variety of social and networking events provide an effective format for renewing and establishing new partnerships, and doing business between the East and the West

HEALICO- Types of exhibitors and visitors
Herbal & other medicines manufacturers
Health food and supplements manufacturers Medical instruments and supplies
Home health-care instruments, equipment and supplies
Importers/exporters, distributors, dealers & retailers
health-care educational institutions
Hospitals and other health-care organizations
Practitioners / Therapists health-care related professionals
Insurance companies
Financial companies
Bankers and investors
Other related trades and businesses
Health conscious consumers
With so many people and organizations attending for a common purpose, how can you miss this event?

4. HEALICO takes care of your outreaching needs
Daily Media Conference and news release allow your products and services to be reported in major media worldwide
Through Target Marketing and pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings, presentations from leading industry experts, and a wide variety of social and networking opportunities

Networking Dinners every night during the show period really connect you and the customers you desire
Two-way Visits are an ideal way to build and strengthen long-term partnership, and to gain insights from other experts in the industry.

5. HEALICO is a high-value, activity-based EXPO and trade show

Informative Workshops and Conferences
No matter what technologies you are looking for, you will find in-depth information and hands-on experience throughout the event.

Non-stop performances on the show floor
Kung Fu, Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, acupuncture illustrations and many other interesting shows/demonstrations will enrich participants' experience.

6. HEALICO provides great services will save you time and money
- We help foreign participants obtain entry visa to Canada. Register now to obtain your visa in time.
- Apart from decorating your booth to your specifications, to assure you of a successful EXPO experience, HEALICO offers a wide range of support services to meet your needs, e.g. we collect your sales money for you and we arrange trade visits and sightseeing tours

7. HEALICO makes the biggest show in the trade
Major event sponsors
Supported by Canadian Government, Chinese Government and many industry leaders. HEALICO puts together a world-class, industry-leading EXPO
Major media sponsors
Major electronic and print media will make HEALICO the most exciting and hottest event in the country and around the word in the trade
Publicity campaign
The EXPO is supported by strong advertisement programs

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