Dates: July 22-25/2005

Show Time: July 23 11:00- 19:00 hrs
July 24 10:00- 19:00 hrs
July 25 10:00- 19:00 hrs

Place: Metro Toronto Convention Centre,

Transport: Subway, train, taxis and buses

Parking: Covered parking available

Expected Attendance: Trade: 20,000 Consumers: 100,000

Show Area: about 130,000 sq.ft

Display Units: 350 booths + 1,500 display cubicles

Number of stages in the show area: 2

Numbers of seminars and workshops: 20

Price of booth: US$20-25 per sq.ft. ( e.g. a 10x 10 booth costs US$2,000 - $2,500)

Price of showcase cubicles: US$800-1,000



Expected attendance: 20,000 professionals 100,000 consumers
Over 700 top companies from China
Over 800 top companies from Canada, U.S., Hong Kong, Europe, the Far East, and other parts of the world
China and Hong Kong: 40%
Canada: 30%
U.S.: 20%
Other regions: 10%

Excellent Networking Opportunities
Daily networking dinner, press conferences, private shows/presentations, inter-visits, etc.

Prestigious Sponsors
Government of Canada
Canada China Business Council
Canada TCM Research Foundation
and other leading organizations

Excellent Media Sponsors: Leading media outlets will maximize publicity and exposure to attract a strong turnout of participants and visitors

Prestigious and convenient venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Activities filled events: seminars, workshops and demonstrations great variety ranging from education offerings to Pavilions

Powerful, onsite information network linking every participating exhibitor

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