HEALICO is the largest and most effective professional trade show in the health-care industry. It is a new dimension in trade shows. Thousands of leading and emerging health-care related companies from China and all over the world will take part in the HEALICO.

From the stage floor to the boardroom, HEALICO will provide you with direct access to your potential business partners and target customers

Chinese companies keen to see the Western world and the western organizations seek new opportunities in China. HEALICO makes it happen, face-to- face in Toronto of Canada. HEALICO is the global Natural Medicine EXPO and showcases which brings together the best of alternative medicine and health-care.

We provide three booth type options
We provide three booth type options to fit your differnt requirements.


Innovations in four sections
- International Pavilion
- Showcase Pavilion
- Service Pavilion
- Show Stages


Our Strengths

- Strong foundation in promoting TCM in Canada
- Supported by Chinese and Canadian authorities
- Supported by major companies in China
- Best timing & most innovative EXPO in the trade
- Focus on networking and channel
- VISA application services for foreign exhibitors
- Excellent services and IT support

Types of exhibitors
and visitors

- Herbal & other medicines manufacturers
- Health food and supplements manufacturers
- Medical professional instruments and supplies
- Home health-care instruments, equipment and supplies
- Importers/Exporters, distributors, dealers & retailers
- Health-care educational institutions
- Governments
- Hospitals and other- Health-care organizations
- Practitioners / Therapists Health-care related professionals
- Insurance companies
- Financial companies
- Bankers and investors
- Other related trades and businesses
- Health conscious consumers

Seven reasons to

1. HEALICO brings you business
2. HEALICO provides you access to key executives
3. HEALICO is your gateway to new business
4. HEALICO takes care of your outreaching needs
5. HEALICO is a high-value, activity-based trade show
6. HEALICO provides great services to save you time and money
7. HEALICO makes the biggest show in the trade

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