Innovations in four sections

- International Pavilion
- Showcase Pavilion
- Service Pavilion
- Show Stages

International Pavilion
Main show floor
- 250 booths Booth
- area 100 sq.ft. - 1,000 sq.ft.
- Price: US$25 per sq.ft.

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Showcase Pavilion
- Products & services categorized and displayed in multi-level cubicles with windows for catalogues and flyers
- Cubicles size: 3ftx 1.5ftx 2ft- Visitors see full collection of products & services of the trade show in one location
- Numbers of cubicles: 1,500
Price: US$800-$1,000 per cubicles
Price includes full decoration, spotlights and design
- Exhibitors may staff or leave the cubicle unattended
- Exhibits and information will be displayed in the cubicles and full information also available in the information centre
- Numbers of catalogues- 35
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Service Pavilion
- Show space for service business such as hospitals, clinics , schools, Institutes and others
- Therapy, demonstration,
- Selling allowed in the booth.
- Number of booth: 100
- Booth area: 100 sq.ft. - 500 sq.ft.
- Price: US$20 per sq.ft.

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Show Stages
- World-class, non-stop shows, demonstrations and seminars
- Focus on healthcare, Chinese martial arts, exercises and healing
- Entertaining and educational

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