HEALICO is organised by Canada Traditional Chinese Medicine Research and Development Inc., which is a subsidiary company of 999 E-Tech Inc. Our goal is to provide Canadians with the best and most effective therapies - Western medical and Traditional Chinese Medical therapies - with Sanjiu's medical products and health care services.

Organize and Executive Committee

Zhao Xinxian
(C.E.O. of Sanjiu Enterprise of China)
Dr. Zhi-Ping Ren
(M.D. Ph.D.Director of Molecular Pathology in Tumor, Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden)
Amy Zhu(Ph.D., M.Sc., C.M.D)
Ngai Yin Chun(C.M.D., Acupuncturist)
Alan Li
(Vice President of Sanjiu Medical&Wellness Center)

We welcome doctors, practitioners, and experts come to join us.Please email to: paul@etech-canada.com


Law Consultant

Jia Hua Sun
SUN & PARTNERS Barristers and Solicitors
3650 Victoria Park Avenue Suite 401ĦA
Toronto Ontario Canada M2H 3P7
Tel: 416-490-0088
Fax: 416-490-0008


Jiong Tong Tang
Tam's and associated

Message from Mr. Paul Li
President of HEALICO

Traditional Chinese Medicine is almost as ancient as time itself. Traditional Chinese Medicine finds results through a timeless understanding of the body's natural balance and harmony. Yet it is often misunderstood, some may even say mysterious. As my opinion, to introduce Traditional chinese medicine to the world, we should care for three points followed: :
(1) Qulity of Traditional chinee medicine products, education, research and manage
(2) Culture and technical communication
(3) Marketing promotion and advertisement

For reaching this goal, we held HEALICO. HEALICO is the largest and most effective professional trade show in the health-care industry. It is a new dimension in trade shows. Thousands of leading and emerging health-care related companies from China and all over the world will take part in the HEALICO.

Chinese companies keen to see the Western world and the western organizations seek new opportunities in China. HEALICO makes it happen, face-to- face in Toronto of Canada. HEALICO is the global Natural Medicine EXPO and showcases which brings together the best of alternative medicine and health-care.

Through a schedule of partnerships with leading TCM and alternative medicine professionals worldwide, our goal is coming into reach, but without a strong relationship with our patients, our goal could be lost forever. We welcome you come to Toronto in July,2004. Let's work together to bring forth a new era in western and eastern medical history.


Paul Li

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